I Leonid Sinitsin. Was born also all life I live in Siberian small town Angarsk. It in hundred kilometers from great Baikal.

How many I remember myself - I always listened to music. In the earliest childhood of the house. The father then (and this beginning 60!!!) has collected the first electromusical instrument. The father perfectly played a bayan, houses sounded beautiful songs - mother with friends perfectly sang.

It was not fated to become me the musician, god has taken away. Therefore I began to love simply music. I consider that to my generation have strongly carried. Our youth has had for a while when Beatles still were wildly popular, but groups defining development of youth music in 70-s.DP, LZ.Queen, other, not less significant names and collectives already gained in strength.

Besides mother regularly drove me on symphony concerts. Then I not so understood what for to me it. Now I understand. All it helped to develop musical taste.

Genes of the father as the workman, in me too wandered, I from the youth радиолюбительствовал. Did practically all:acoustic sistems, amplifiers, finished tape recorders, players. In the course of time representations about correctness of reproduction changed, together with them my system changed. The turn of sound pickups has come.

Earlier it was exclusive a hobby. But when there were cartridges with really high parameters, to me offers to adjust their manufacture began to arrive.