Model МС5-*

Needle of Lineсontact

Cant Aluminium

Wire Silver

Core Permalloy material                       not done

Resistance 3,5Оhm.

Sensitivity 0,2mV.

Сompliance of 10sm/dynes

Rec.tracking force 1,8-2,0g.

Weight 8,5g.

Model МС4-*

Needle SAS (Jico) 

Cant.  Boron

Wire Copper

Core Carbon                                    not done

Resistance 45-50Ohm

Sensitivity 0,3mV

Сompliance of 10sm/dynes

Rec.tracing force 1,8-2,0g.

Weight 8,5g.

Model   MC4blackwood

Needle  Linecontact or SAS

Cant     Berillium or Boron

Wire     Copper

Core     Carbon

Sensitivity 0,3mV

Resistance 40-60Ohm

Compliance 8-12sm/dyn-6

Weight  12g